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Ages 5 to 8 (20")
Ages 5 to 8 (20")

20-inch bikes are perfect for kids looking to expand their horizons and experience freedom.

20-Inch Bikes (Ages 5 to 8)
20-inch Rigid

Ideal Rider. Children looking to ride on smoother paths with the occasional off-road adventure will love our ultralight range.

The light alloy frame, lack of suspension and alloy components make these bikes a breeze to ride. Simple gear and shifting options lead to less confusion and more fun. Powerful brakes are perfect for keeping your kids safe when they need to slow down.

Ideal Terrain. Ultralight bikes are perfect if your child is commuting to school, exploring the neighbourhood streets and occasionally exploring off the beaten path.

The geometry has been designed for stability at speed, agility when needed, and the frames are robust enough for any challenge. Perfect if your child is exploring the town and taking on challenging terrain.

20-inch MTB

If your child loves to explore the outdoors, ride the dirt tracks and gets excited when their wheels leave the ground, they will thrive on an MTB.

MTB bikes with front suspension, disc brakes and a wide gear range are perfect if your child wants to expand their horizons.

Ideal Rider. Mountain Bikes are perfect for children who like to wander off the beaten path. Kids who want to explore through nature and take on any obstacle in their way.

If they are at the BMX track one day and single trails the next, your child will love an MTB.

Ideal Terrain. Front suspension, strong wheels and sturdy frames enable these bikes to be capable at off-road downhills.


Why They Ride. If your child loves to hop off curbs, hit jumps and ride at the skatepark, BMX bikes are the perfect tools for them to build their skills.

If they are riding to jump, spin and take their hands off the bars, BMX bikes are built for that progression.

Where They Ride. BMX Bikes are built for children who ride their local skate parks, dirt jumps and the local BMX track.