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Ages 7 to 12 (24"/26")
Ages 7 to 12 (24"/26")

Twenty-four-inch bikes are when kids are starting to take their riding more seriously, and our bikes are built to grow with your child's riding ability.

24 & 26-Inch Bikes (Ages 7 to 12)
City Bikes

Why they are riding. 24-inch City bikes are built light to cruise around the town, school, or their local sports practice. Kids looking to ride further while carrying books or clothes will get the most out of the smoother tyres and lighter frames.

Where are they riding. If your child is cruising around town to their friend's place, down the road to school or riding down the path in the park, they will love 24-inch City Bikes.

Your child will ride in comfort thanks to the upright riding position, smoother tyres, and lightweight alloy components often found on city bikes.

Hardtail MTB

Why they are riding. Children who are beginning to explore the outdoors and expand their horizons. They are also perfect for riding to school, around the town and on the local BMX track.

24-inch mountain bikes are perfect for children who want to start taking Mountain Biking seriously. Children who want to start attacking the climbs, getting their wheels off the ground and pushing their riding abilities will love a 24 inch Mountain Bike.

Where they are riding. Children that spend a lot of time off the beaten track, exploring the local trails and jumping curbs around town will love a hardtail MTB.

Hardtails are built to take the abuse often seen on off-road trails, equipped with hydraulic brakes for optimised stopping power, front suspension for supreme shock absorption and bigger knobbly tyres for ultimate grip.

Dual Suspension MTB

Why they ride. Our 24-inch Dual Suspension Mountain Bike will help your child pick up the pace on their mountain bike and take on more challenging trails.

Strong but light alloy frames, powerful disc brakes and 1X drivetrains give children who want to race the extra support they need. 24-inch Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes give children the confidence they need to chase their parents down a trail or ride hard down a track.

Where They Ride. Our 24-inch Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes are built for anything, built for the rough, steep, and technical trails. If your child is hitting jumps, skipping over roots or ploughing through rock gardens, a 24-inch Mountain Bike is what they need.

Tough but light, our 24-inch Dual Suspension Bikes are built to climb up the trails as well as descend them. If your child is expanding their horizons and pushing their riding level, we have a bike to suit their needs.